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In the past, only enterprise companies could afford advanced and dynamic digital signage systems. Today, we make it easy to small and medium-sized companies and organizations to get this technology. Our vision is to spread digitalization of signs all over the globe. Cast Blaze Digital Signage allows authorized users to broadcast same or different messages in real-time from any connected PC to unlimited number of locations. Cast Blaze Digital Signage is independent (SaaS) software as a service that enables companies to manage dynamic campaigns from the cloud to any sign with IP-address anywhere in the world.

Your feedback is appreciated. Your experience is very valuable to us to improve our service. Today, we have support to hundreds of screens around the world, with hundreds of active users from a wider spectrum of businesses, stores, and education institutions of all sizes. Cast Blaze is based in Jordan but aims worldwide, as the SaaS market has no limitation. We believe the old days of paper signs are gone and the era of digital signage is coming, it is about time companied of all sizes can implement a digital signage system easily and cost effectively that allows managing and broadcasting all kinds of interactive campaigns to any given location, from any Windows-based PC or Android-based device.