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Anybody Can Do Digital Signage.

With Signage Blaze software.

Start Right Away

No need for software installation. No need to put server into operation. A smartphone, tablet or notebook is all you need to manage your display network.

Easy Setup

Setup assistant: Smartphones are used to set up your players. You will be guided from the start. Really everybody can do it. Without a manual. Super easy.

200+ Free Templates

Free digital signage templates created by design professionals will make it super easy for you to start. It only takes a few clicks for your first very own animated ad to be done.

Design Online

Use our digital signage software to create moving and impressive slideshows immediately with our content designer. Use presets to animate your images and texts afterwards.

Simplify Your Business

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Features and Advantages

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Automatic File Conversion

Supports all customary file formats: No matter if your file format is JPEG or PNG, your videos MOV, MPEG or MP4. Simply upload your files and will automatically convert your files into the right format. Fully automatic – without the necessity of any further action.

Working with Playlists

Navigation has never been so easy. Simply drag your media files via Drag`n Drop into a playlist using your mouse, with the mouse key held down you can move your commercials to your desired position. There you go – your playlist is all set up.

Your own media database

Upload your media files into the integrated media database and have access to your files at any time. Every user has its own media database and is able to manage all uploaded files.

Social Media Integration

It just needs a few clicks to play Facebook, Twitter and Youtube on your screens. Easy and self-explanatory. Present your business page or communicate with your audience in real-time. Like that, you turn customers into loyal followers.

Time Management

Set a timer to every file in your playlist, which enables you to decide which content you want to show at which daytime, weekday or any other freely definable time frame. That way you are able to create dynamic playlists tailored individually to your requirements.

Live Ticker

Enter relevant offers and news in your live ticker in order to play them on your screens immediately. Without interruption. The best way to keep your customers up to date.

Nested Playlists

Once created – played multiple times. With Cast Blaze you can place your entire playlist within others. The easiest way to organize your content across locations.

Office and PDF Documents

With Cast Blaze you can also utilize your Office Documents for your playlist. Use Word*, Excel*, PowerPoint*, your OpenOffice- or PDF-Documents for your digital signage project.

Interactive Content

Supports HTML5 content. This gives you the option to use your own interactive HTML5-pages or to use any other web content for your playlist. Thus you are able use content engaging with your customers through interaction.

Access Control and Alarm Function

Secure your touch-displays against undesirable access by using a code for your devices. The alarm function also protects you against vandalism and burglary. Safe, professional and efficient.

More than 200 Professional Designs

With our Template-Pool you can create content in a matter of seconds. Choose from a large range of thematic Templates and add your individual text and pictures to them. Digital Signage has never been this relaxing.

Display Timer Mode

Use the timer function to set active and inactive display times to avoid unnecessary long-term use.