Aggregate content from multiple sources Earned media on every channel

Social Feeds to Stream

Stream as much social feeds as you need on your amazing social media wall.

Facebook Feeds

Any public page with public posts, public groups, public albums.

Twitter Feeds

Home timeline, user feed, search including hashtags, user lists, user favourites.

Instagram Feeds

Home timeline, user photos, hashtag photos, liked photos.

Google+ Feeds

Any public profile.

Pinterest Feeds

Public user or board.

LinkedIn Feeds

Company updates and jobs (only for admins).

Vimeo Feeds

User, channels, search, public playlist.

Tumblr Feeds

Photo posts. More to go!

SoundCloud Feeds

Public playlists.

Foursquare Feeds

Location tips, location photos.

YouTube Feeds

User, channels, search, public playlist.

RSS Feeds

Any valid RSS feed.


Social Feeds

First of all you can create multiple socials walls on your site. The best thing of all is that you then add as many social feeds as you want. Mix and max networks or add multiple social feeds.
For example, you want to include in one stream 3 Twitter account feeds, 1 Twitter hashtag feeds, 2 Google+ account feeds and 5 Facebook feeds. Easy!



Powerful content marketing technology. Discover and display the best community content on any marketing channel, with robust, easy-to-use features.

Key Features

social stream by Flow-Flow is fast, powerful and user-friendly. You can expect a ton of options to customize the design and behavior of your social media wall.

All Popular Social Networks

And their number is growing (based on popular requests).

Highly Customizable

Change any aspect including colors, card width, margins, design templates etc.

Smart Server Caching

Social wall loads almost instantly. No need to load data every time.

Responsive Design

Reacts to swipe motion for sliding on mobiles.

Multiple Feeds & Streams

Add as much social feeds to any of your stream as you need.

Smart Image Caching

Images size is calculated on server and grid is built one time without layout updating.

Social Sharing Buttons

Drive the interaction and user involvement!

Content Moderation

Exclude posts by word, username or URL. Protect your grid from trolls and spam!

Lightbox Galleries

Display images in a lightbox with attractive animations with smart media preloading.

How it works

We are enabling brands to harvest hundreds of millions of social media interactions per day, in real time. We help you analyze these interactions, filter out the noise and then display them on your web, mobile or social media hubs. We help you gain valuable and actionable business insights.


We collect all social media content based on your criteria. These can be hashtags, keywords or social media handles and usernames.


You curate the best content. You can moderate it manually or apply automatic filters to get the best and most relevant content.


Display your social media wall on a large screen at your event venue, as a permanent conference room display, or embed it to your website!

Solution for

Brands and Campaigns

Many of the world’s largest brands today have learned how to tap into the power of social media in order to spread their influence and increase the size of their loyal fanbase.
Follow their example and try something new with Social Blaze!
Use Social Blaze as a social media hub on your company or product website. By displaying the best content arriving straight from your fans on various social media networks you are presenting your website visitors with fresh and compelling social proof while at the same time making them prolong their stay on your website.
The fun doesn’t have to stay online, though! You can also choose to display Social Blaze in — or around — your office space. Entertain your guests in the lobby, display social conversations about your products throughout your office and dare to engage the public by projecting your earned and owned content on your building, or on a DOOH or a jumbotron.
Boost your social media campaigns and enhance brand awareness with Social Blaze.

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Events and Conferences

Want to create a buzz around your upcoming event?
How would you like to raise the level of excitement before the show and keep your attendees engaged during the conference? Would you like to see your event or conference trending on Twitter? With Social Blaze you can do all this — and more.
Encourage conversations, raise awareness and add a new and exciting dimension to your event or conference.
Use Social Blaze’s social media hub on your event website and encourage social conversations and sharing with your unique event hashtag even before the start of your event.
Place Social Blaze near your check-in desk and help your guests pass the time spent waiting in line by engaging with other attendees and guests on social media.
Display Social Blaze around your venue and delight your guests by adding a modern, social element to your event.
With Social Blaze, you are limited only by the power of your imagination. Bring your ideas to life with Social Blaze!

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TV shows and broadcasting

Engage your viewers, promote your earned content and take control of your social media conversations with Social Blaze!
Social Blaze helps anchors, community managers, and producers discover, curate, and display social media posts from viewers and fans in real-time. Engage with your viewers on-air and add a new, social aspect to your TV program!
With Social Blaze, you can moderate all social conversations and display only the posts and insights that are safe for broadcasting. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to discover ongoing conversations and moderate the incoming social media posts in real-time.

Solution for

Government and politics

Promote transparency and engage audiences from all walks of life during your political assemblies, debates, conferences and elections.
Social Blaze helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the community.
With Social Blaze, you can bridge the gap between the audiences at your event and those at home while engaging both groups equally. Utilize social listening and discover the topics people care about by monitoring social media conversations in the days leading up to your political event as well as in real-time by following relevant hashtags.
During the event, you can use Social Blaze to display your agenda, ask questions and communicate important announcements to your audience. We also help you engage the audience further by making it easy for you to moderate and display relevant social media posts in real-time, so that you can provide answers or discuss those questions during your event.
Social Blaze has been a trusted ally to many government events all over the world and has successfully helped organizers raise awareness for their political events. Our proven experience will be a valuable asset to you and your team.
You can rely on Social Blaze to help you engage your audience during your political assemblies, debates, conferences or during the elections. Receive valuable and honest feedback from your audience and encourage them to ask questions and discuss policies or people in real-time.

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Let’s face it – your students are social media experts. Most of them grew up with social media and this is their home turf.
They are talking about their life on and off campus on Twitter and love sharing snippets from their day-to-day lives on Instagram. Display the social conversations relevant to you directly on your website with our social media hub. Use it as a tool to spark interest as you recruit the top quality talent.
During school games, you can display Social Blaze on a jumbotron and encourage social sharing with your chosen hashtag. Students watching the game will race to Tweet and send in photos and selfies from the game. Even those not present can follow the game and support your team online. All you have to do is embed Social Blaze to your website!
There is so much more you can do with Social Blaze. Use it to display school announcements or ask your students to share their opinions about the current events on campus.
Make Social Blaze a part of your social media strategy during convocations as you let your students express their pride and excitement over the big day. Let them urge their friends and families to congratulate them via social media.
During open days and other student assemblies, Social Blaze can help potential recruits ask questions, get insight into daily lives of students on campus and become a part of your online community.

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Unleash your creativity and together with Social Blaze design beautiful social media hubs and social media walls guaranteed to wow even your most demanding clients.
We have designed Social Blaze to be able to be much more than just a social media wall. Your clients will be delighted with many features Social Blaze has to offer – and you will be excited to come back to Social Blaze time and time again once you experience the ease of use of our product.
As a premium user, with just one Social Blaze account you can create multiple walls and hubs to sell to your clients. Set your own prices and activate your walls whenever you need them. Once your client’s event is over you can redesign the wall, or simply delete it and craft a new one. Sounds good? We thought so!

Solution for

Startups and coworking spaces

Startup incubators and coworking spaces truly are places where magic happens. Enrich your business incubator website with a social media hub and track all of your portfolio companies’ social media conversations in one, beautifully designed, place!
Use Social Blaze as an engagement tool during guest talks, classes, and demo days and let both the speakers and the audience ask questions, share their thoughts and network with each other.
Open any event to a broader audience by embedding Social Blaze into your website! By doing this, you are transforming your web into a social media hub where people who couldn’t make it to the event can take part in ongoing conversations.
Create a social media wall and display it in your lobby to entertain your guests, or in your office or coworking space to encourage social sharing and conversations among your workers — and between your workers and your fans and followers on social media. You can track multiple hashtags, keywords or even users and make sure you see exactly what is going on at any given time with each of your startups.



Use a powerful suite of analytics tools to make sure your Social Blaze is having the required impact. Check visitor numbers, dwell time, location, demographics, devices used, most popular posts, most popular Calls to Action and many more.



Here at Social Blaze, we provide clients with access to a RESTful API. This allows our customers to take the data we offer and for them to present that in their own unique ways according to what their developers require.
This feature is ideal for users who are opting for a deeper integration than what the iframe allows. With access to our RESTful API, we provide our clients with greater flexibility in how they integrate the Social Blaze platform into their own systems.